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Father's Day Gift Guide: VTech LS6475-3...

June 7, 2012

What we thought: This phone is great! The hands-free capabilities are great for on-the-go dads (and moms:) We also love the Voice Announce and Push-to-Talk features. This phone has many of the latest hi-tech features any dad would be happy to have on his home phone unit. Not to mention it has a sleek and stylish, yet functional design:) ABCD Diaries gives this Vtech phone an A+!!

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

June 7, 2012

Does your dad play golf? Does he love the show Mad Men? Taryn Scher showcases some fabulous gift ideas. You can find all the links on our website under Megan’s Notes.

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas Sponsor: VTech Connect to Cell Phone System

June 5, 2012

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard my cell phone ringing, rushed around the house trying to locate it, only to have it stop before I could dig it out of the bottom of my purse. It seems to be a constant event when I’m at home. When I’m out and about, at least my purse is usually attached to me in some way and I can find it before it stops, but at home, I could be anywhere in the house when it starts ringing. The VTech Connect to Cell Answering System with Caller ID and Call Waiting is a fantastic solution to the problem.

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What to Give Dad This Year… I Have Plenty of Ideas!

June 4, 2012

Need some ideas on what to get for dad this year? I hunted around and found some really great ideas. The DS6521-2 enables the home phone system to answer landline and cell phone calls using BLUETOOTH wireless technology, delivering better sound quality and fewer dropped calls when mobile users are at home.

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Splashes of Summer Color!

July 3, 2012

While we seek out practical technology to make life easier, opportunities still exist to add pops of color to our home décor. The new VTech CS6519 phone comes in several eye-catching colors including metallic silver, red, green, and blue and offers the convenience of functional features including ringer control setting and cord-free handling.

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Giveaway – VTech Cordless Phone System – Ends 6/15/12

June 1, 2012

Love love love this phone! For years I used other brands. And for years I had to regularly replace broken phones. Then I switched to VTech. The phones are reliable and have lots of great features. I was perfectly happy with my current VTech phone and probably would have kept it for many years, but then I saw the VTech LS6475-3 Phone System I knew it was just what my family needed.

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The VTech Retro Phone is a Fresh Take on the Pyramid Phone

May 31, 2012

Want a phone with a retro rotary layout, but without the novelty of a truly retro appearance or actual rotary functionality? Your long, arduous search is finally at an end. The VTech Retro Phone is a sleek cordless landline phone with a completely modern appearance outside of the rotary-style dial layout of the numbers. It’s not actually a rotary phone – those are all push-buttons – so VTech is relying on the rotary look alone for retro cred. The small display on the base shows caller information, and serves as a charging station for the handset. Speakers for speakerphone functionality are located on both the base and the handset.

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Busy Mama Giveaway: Free Blogger Event Sign up!

May 25, 2012

Mizz Review Lady and J's Reviews has put together an awesome free blogger event that will run from June 15th till June 30th. They are accepting blogger sign ups, the requirements will be as follows: **You must have 600 Facebook or Twitter Followers for a free link. If you have less, you are more than welcome to pay the small fee of $4 per link.

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Mad Men Inspired Retro Cordless Phone from VTech

May 22, 2012

As handsome as a rotary phone, but modernly styled and teched-out for today’s uses. Do you have a landline phone? My mom and family still do, but their cordless phones are anything but retro chic and stylish. The LS6195 by VTech is energy star certified—it doesn’t use a lot of power, neither does it take up a lot of room.

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Tech Talk: Dead Spots? Try Connect to Cell Answering Systems

May 21, 2012

No more “can you hear me now” because chances are, the person on the other end will be asking you that.

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