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Huge Summer Basket from VTech Giveaway!

July 29, 2013

VTech has been thinking along the same lines and they are wanting us all to end the summer with a splash!

Check out this VTech Cordless Answering System with with Caller ID/Waiting. What a great color ~ beachy blue! Call all your friends up and have them come over for one last Summer get together.

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VTech’s Newest Phone: Maximize your Home Phone

July 28, 2013

VTech’s newest phone, Connect to Cell, has brought us the solutions we need to combine the traditional feel of a land line with the freedom of our cell phones.

The new Connect to Cell phone allows up to two cell phones to connect to a base via blue tooth. When you pick up the handset of the base, you can choose which cell line you’d like to use to make a call. And, when a call comes in on one of the cell phone lines, the display area on the handset tells you which line.

It’s very handy. Now, no matter what the situation, we’ll be able to have a phone. We can use the handset of the VTech phone or we can simply use our cell phones. It’s a perfect marriage of two types of phones.

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Make The Call: Maximize your home phone with VTech

July 28, 2013

With VTech’s Connect to Cell phone, you can pair your cell phone to the system for optimal signal and convenience with two handsets. The system can work through your cell carrier (without a landline service) or in conjunction with the service. This is very convenient in case you don’t want to use a landline.

With VTech’s Connect to Cell phone system you can enjoy the ease and functionality of your cell phone with the quality and security of a landline. Now you don’t have to worry about cell phone dead spots in the home, dropped calls, or even a missed call because you can’t locate your mobile. This has happened to me too many times and glad that we have this new VTech system in the house so this won’t happen anymore. Unless of course, I want it to go to voicemail after seeing who is calling. Isn’t it nice to see who is calling through!

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2 Handset Connect to Cell™ Answering System with Cordless Headset

July 25, 2013

When I was able to check out the VTech 2 Handset Connect To Cell Answering System with Cordless Headset, I was very excited!! Could this mean I could now not worry about cell reception where we live??

My absolute favorite feature (besides not having dropped calls anymore or bad reception) is the hands free headset it comes with. With a fussy baby and two busy kids, this mama has NO time to sit and talk on the phone, let alone hold one in my hand while trying to get everything else done. So the cordless headset is my favorite feature!!! LOVE.

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Working From Home? VTech's Connect to Cell Phone System Helps You Make the Call

July 24, 2013

The boost in call quality is one of the biggest reasons why I liked using the phone. I was able to leave my cell phone in the kitchen where the signal strength is strongest. But I was able to make calls using the VTech phone from my home office on the other side of the house. The VTech system comes with two wireless handsets, which makes it convenient to find a phone if you have a larger home.

I also liked that my cell phone battery got a break while I used the VTech phone. I just left my cell phone connected to a charger and used the VTech phone for all my calls. That way, my cell phone battery was still at the max when I needed to leave the house. Before I had the VTech phone, I would usually drain my cell phone’s battery after a few conference calls.

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The Cinnamon Hollow Logo

VTech Connect To Cell

July 22, 2013

You can use the handsets as an intercom. If my husband is in the back of the house, out of earshot, I can ring him on the other handset and we can chat back and forth.

If one of us is on a call and the other needs to make a call, the other handset is set for the other cell phone and CAN be used even though one is already in use. I can either make my call using the Cell 2 button or I can join in on his call and talk to the person on the other end too. That is really cool.

I keep my cell phone in my purse most of the time and I either don’t hear it when it rings or I don’t get to it in time. So by having these handsets that are connected to my smartphone, I can keep my phone in my purse and still answer or make calls using the handsets. They are the same size as a regular cordless phone and are fairly comfortable to hold. If I need hands free conversation, there are 2 options for that too! I can either set the base to use as a speakerphone or I can simply put on the included Bluetooth headset and talk away. I LOVE VTECH CONNECT TO CELL™ PHONE!!!!

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Digital Phones: Yes, People Still Have Landlines!

July 22, 2013

VTech CS6419-2 are pretty neat, in my opinion. They're DECT 6.0 technology, which means they operate at the 1.9 GHz spectrum band, meaning they won't be interfering with (or be interfered by) your other wireless devices. They have the ability to transfer calls between each other, which is useful if one phone's battery is getting low and you want to switch to the other handheld without dropping your call. (This can also be useful when you have one phone located downstairs in the living room and another other upstairs in the bedroom. When you answer the living room phone only to find out it's your in-laws asking to speak with your wife, you can transfer the call to your bedroom phone, where your wife has been reading and watching her favorite TV series.

Harold tells me the digital phone he's using has far superior sound quality to any cell phone he's used thus far. He plugs his digital phone into a box he purchased from Skype, which enables him to use his Skype account to call any cell phone or landline phone (or to receive calls from either). This solution didn't work so well with a cheap digital phone he had, though, so he recommends buying one that rates well on sound quality. "It's not worth buying the cheapest digital phones available only to find that you'd be better off using a straight string tied to two cans," he says. (I seem to have a vague memory of what he's referring to with the cans, but when it comes to Harold, one never knows.)

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2 Handset Connect to Cell™ Answering System with Cordless Headset

July 22, 2013

The 2 Handset Connect to Cell™ Answering System with Cordless Headset is awesome! This system has nearly anything that you can imagine on a phone. It comes with a main docking station with a cordless handset and an answering machine, as well as a place to store and charge the cordless headset! It comes with an extra base that does not need to be plugged into a telephone jack, just a power outlet. This phone has the added feature of allowing cell phone calls to be received to the system. I have used this phone and it works so well. All phone calls have been clear on both the handsets and the headset. We have used our cell phones through the system as well without problem! If you are looking for a very affordable system with great functionality… then this is the system you need!

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The Review Wire Logo

VTech Review: Connect to Cell Answering System with Cordless Headset

July 21, 2013

I like this product! It is so nice to be able to talk hands free while making dinner or doing chores, and not have to scramble to find my cell phone! Let's face it, no one calls when you are sitting there ready to answer, it always rings when you're engrossed in something!

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VTech Connect to Cell Home Phone System

July 21, 2013

The VTech Connect to Cell home phone system is loaded with great features and the biggest feature that caught my attention is that it is BLUETOOTH enabled so that I can use the home phone system to make calls through my cell phone. No more worrying about dropped calls from being in the middle of the woods! I've been using the system for a couple of weeks now and I haven't had a single dropped call.

Another cool feature of the VTech Connect to Cell home phone system is that I can program the home phone to ring with my iPhone ringtone - how fun! My husband and I can import our phonebooks from our cell phones to the VTech Connect to Cell so we can have all of our important numbers programmed right into our home phone for convenience. My husband does some of his work from home and having his important numbers right on the home phone makes working at home so much easier for him – especially if his cell phone is out of juice.

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