Open/Closed Sensor


Know if anything you care about is open or closed, or if important areas are secure. Place open/closed sensors nearly anywhere in your home, including on windows, doors and medicine cabinets.
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  • ULE accessory
    ULE accessory
    Accessory device only. Requires registration to a compatible ULE-certified base to operate.
  • Programmable alerts
    Programmable alerts
    Program your monitoring system to notify you when a window, door or cabinet opens or closes.
  • Easy, do-it-yourself installation
    Easy, do-it-yourself installation
    Wireless technology that installs in seconds—no need to run difficult wiring.
  • No monthly monitoring fees
    No monthly monitoring fees
    Monitor what matters to you without monthly monitoring fees.
  • ULE technology
    ULE technology
    Relax knowing what's going on at home. Thanks to ULE (ultra-low-energy) technology, VTech Wireless Monitoring products are easy to install and use, energy efficient, extra secure, have the longest ranges, and are super affordable.
  • Digitally encrypted communications
  • ULE full-coverage range
  • Long 2-year battery life
  • Activity alerts
  • Sensor alerts
  • Remote alerts
  • Compatible with the DM271 and the VC7151 series of products
  • Wireless Monitoring System
Range results may vary depending on product placement, home construction and environmental conditions.