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How do I obtain information about Caller ID Service?


Caller ID, and Caller ID with Call Waiting are features that let you see who's calling before you answer the phone, even when you're on another call. Call Waiting by itself sends an alert tone while you're on all call, letting you know another party is calling. These are subscription services, available from most local telephone service providers. You must subscribe to these services on order to benefit from the Caller ID related features included with your telephone product. However, you can still use your telephone product without subscribing to these services. Contact your local telephone service provider for more information about the Caller ID services it offers and the associated fees. In addition, your caller must be calling from an area that supports Caller ID. Both party's telephone service provider must use compatible Caller ID systems. Caller ID and Call Waiting ID may not be available for every call. Common reasons are incompatabilities between telephone networks, transmission errors and the answering of calls before the call data is received.