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9 products

Cordless Battery BT805017


  • Compatible with models: 2420, 2421, 2422, 00-2421, 2430, 2431, 2460, 2461, 2467, BS20-2432, 20-2420, 20-2431, 20-2437, 20-2439, 20-2480, 20

Cordless phone battery BT805071


  • Compatible with models: 2465, 9109, 9122, MG 2423, MG 2463, VT 2428, VT 2468, v2600, v2651, v2656, v2665, v2660, v2670, v2675, 2689 and ia5823

Battery compatible with multiple VTech Cordless Phones and VTech Audio Monitor Parent Unit


  • Compatible with these models: CS5109-x, CS5119-x, CS5129-x, CS5158-x, CS5159-x, CS5329-x, CS5309, CS6109-x, CS6114-x, CS6124-x, CS6199-x, CS6509-x, CS6519-x, CS6519-x, CS6529-x, CS6609-x, CS6619-x, CS6629-x, CS6648-x, CS6649-x, CS6709-x, CS6719-x, CS6729-x, CS6758-x, CS6759-x, CS6829-x, CS6858-x, CS6859-x, CS6909-x, CS6919-x, CS6929-x, CS6948-x, CS6949-x, DS6072-x, DS6501-x, DS6511-x, DS6521-x, DS6522-x, DS6601-x, DS660V-x, DS6641-x, DS6700-x, DS6722-x, DS6752-x, DS6771-x, VS112-x, VS113-x

Li-ion Polymer replacement battery BT291665


  • Compatible with models: VCS704 and VCS754

Cordless Battery BT207695


  • Compatible with these models: VM3261, VM3261-2, VM3253, VM3251, VM3252 and VM3252-2

Battery BT290576 for VTech IS6200 headset


  • Compatible with models: IS6200