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Escaping Digital Overload In The New Year:

VTech encourages people to reconnect with the ones that matter most,as Americans rank being constantly accessible for work and keeping up with technology changes as top tech stressors

BEAVERTON, Ore., January 11, 2011 – According to a new survey1 conducted by independent market research firm Toluna and the No. 1 U.S. cordless phone manufacturer VTech Communications, Americans are feeling overwhelmed by the constant accessibility and influx of digital information of the 21st century. In fact, when asked to rank the most stressful technologyrelated issues, consumers cited “being constantly accessible for work” and “keeping up with all the technology changes” as the top two sources of stress (33 percent and 20 percent, respectively).

This issue hit closest to home for 25-to-34-year-olds – nearly a quarter (23 percent) said that they now spend more time working because of today's technology capabilities. Yet, the newest digital tools that keep consumers constantly connected also may be the least desired. When asked what they could “live without for a day,” 33 percent of survey respondents chose social networking and 28 percent chose text messaging.

The feeling of being buried by a constant deluge of information is becoming universal. Created to teach consumers to remember and embrace the art of good communication, VTech's online hub features advice from developmental psychologist and life coach, Dr. Michelle Callahan, along with weekly polls, tips and articles on building bonds with friends and family through one-on-one communication.

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