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Feature Glossary

DECT 6.0 technology
Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications, or DECT 6.0 as it's known in North America, provides the best phone sound quality, security and range to date. Generally immune to interference from other domestic radio signals, 6.0 continues to operate clearly even in common high-traffic situations, such as those caused by congestion from other DECT systems, Wi-Fi networks, video senders, BLUETOOTH® technology, baby monitors, or other wireless devices. With one charge, DECT technology provides talk-time of several hours and standby time of several days. Additionally, the DECT media access control layer provides encryption services with the DECT Standard Cipher (DSC). All this means fewer plug-ins to the charger, increased privacy, and the confidence you can take a call in the basement, backyard or garage without sacrificing exceptional sound quality.

2-line operation
VTech 2-line phones allow you to dial and receive calls on two separate lines from one unit. A second line offers the option to place a caller on hold and make a new call from the other line, or even to conference an outside call between two lines. Combined with the expansive features of our cordless phone systems, you'll soon be managing your calls at home or small business with ease.

Caller ID/Call Waiting
Never be caught off guard again. Know who's calling before you answer with the Caller ID/Call Waiting feature on VTech phones. The screen displays the name, number, time and date of incoming calls.

Digital answering system
Can't make it to the phone? With the digital answering system, you don't have to. Record incoming messages and outgoing announcements without tapes or moving parts—just simple, reliable performance and instant access to your messages, with the power to selectively save and delete.

Connect to Cell
By connecting to your mobile phone with BLUETOOTH® wireless-enabled technology, this feature allows you to manage calls using either your cell or home phone, and offers expansion flexibility: Pair up to 4 cell phones with a base, and instantly sync up to 1600 directory entries. Say goodbye to reception dead spots, poor quality and missed calls from a misplaced cell phone. Instead, enjoy the freedom to make and receive calls from your cellular plan while enjoying the comforts of a home phone system.

HD Audio
High-definition audio utilizes an extended frequency band, which allows the signal to be reproduced and tuned. For you, this means fuller, clearer sound during every conversation.

Voice Announce® Caller ID
Screening calls has never been easier. The handset and base announce the name of the caller, so you no longer have to scramble for the handset to see who's calling.

Push-to-Talk intercom
No more shouting through the house—this features turns phones into a multiple-handset walkie-talkie to instantly communicate with any or all of the units in your home.

Expandable systems
Expandable series offer the flexibility to increase the number of handsets in your home or office. As your needs grow, so can your system. And since additional handsets wirelessly link to the existing base, you'll only need one phone jack.

Quiet Mode
With the touch of a button, silence your phone for a single call or for an extended period of time. When set to Quiet Mode, the handset and base ringers are disabled, so you'll have one fewer interruption in your busy home or office.

ECO Mode
While on ECO Mode, power-conserving technology manages consumption for optimal battery performance and reduces unnecessary radiation within your home.

Backlit keypad and display
The keypad and LCD screen illuminate, allowing for easier viewing in dim light.

Handset and base speakerphones
Leave your hands free, or bring more people into the conversation: The speakerphones allow you to talk and listen without holding the handset.

Line Power Mode
In the event of an outage, the system uses power generated from the telephone line to place and receive calls on the corded handset—no batteries necessary.

Remote access
Call into your digital answering system from anywhere. Thanks to remote access, you can listen to your messages, change your outgoing announcement and more using any touch-tone phone.

Voicemail Waiting Indicator
An icon and text message on the handset silently alert you to waiting messages.

Table-and wall-mountable
Designed to fit any home set-up or décor, base units are simple to install for table-top or wall-mounted use. The phones easily attach to all standard wall-mount plates—no additional bracket needed—by sliding into the plate using built-in holes.

100% RoHS compliant

100% RoHS compliant
100% RoHS compliant

By pressing just one key, silence your microphone while on a call.

Name and number phonebook directory
Easily store frequently called numbers for quick access and dialing. Search the directory by scrolling alphabetically or entering the first letter of a name, making it easier to find who you're looking for.

Any key answer
This feature turns the entire keypad into the 'talk' key, so you don't have to worry about hitting the wrong button.

Call intercept
With the intercept function, answer a call even after the digital answering system has. Since the tapeless operation will turn off, there's no worrying your conversation will be recorded or interrupted.

VTech interference-free units don't interrupt other networks and devices, providing for crystal-clear conversations, even in a room full of electronics—because picking up the phone shouldn’t mean disrupting your other connections.

Noise-canceling microphone
This feature filters out unwanted background noise for the highest-possible audio quality.

Call a recently dialed number with just one button.


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